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A York Oil Co(336-789-9675)
Casstevens Debbie(336-352-3448)
Casstevens Mitch(336-352-3448)
Hicks Marlin W(336-352-4746)
Martin Ned H(336-352-4180)
Holder F M(336-352-4182)
Bunker Marty(336-352-4559)
Bunker Jeffre(336-352-4156)
Bunker Landis(336-352-4156)
Air Conditioning Service Co(336-352-3673)
Fore Jerry(336-352-4447)
Hiatt Cindy(336-786-5318)
Brannock Ben(336-786-2551)
Harris Conley C III(336-786-1605)
Harris Hugh(336-783-0420)
Ortiz-Hernandez Hector(336-786-2601)
Moody Roger W(336-789-1935)
Snider Kenneth(336-789-9339)
Fleming Otis B(336-789-1834)
Smith Beverly(336-786-6840)
Smith Mitchell(336-786-6840)
Estes Don(336-789-2662)
Barr Marton L(336-786-9802)
Waldenville J L(336-786-4229)
Laws Sandy(336-786-2158)
Babcock Tammy(336-786-0029)
Hernandez Araceli(336-786-8637)
Edwards Amy(336-789-0218)
Harrell Jonathan(336-789-0050)
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