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Barnes Lewis A(252-729-1120)
Shea Miriam(252-225-4111)
Shea William(252-225-4111)
Sheldon James(252-225-6681)
Slatten Clarence(252-225-0652)
Smith Allen(252-225-4071)
Smith Rebecca W(252-225-9931)
Stalnaker William B(252-225-0179)
Stinson Emory(252-225-0786)
Taylor Francis(252-225-0869)
Taylor Robert E(252-225-3351)
Taylor Sallie(252-225-0869)
Thonen Robert(252-225-9937)
Waller Gordan(252-225-2461)
Weeda Linda A(252-225-9951)
White Ruth(252-225-7751)
Wilcox William A(252-225-3231)
Linna Marvin E(252-225-7671)
Willis Dennis B(252-225-9391)
Davis Joseph D(252-225-0031)
Saulmon Laura(252-225-6141)
Cook Gilbert SR(252-225-5131)
Cook Mary(252-225-5131)
Taylor Shiela(252-225-1967)
Taylor Til(252-225-1967)
Russell Thomas(252-225-2661)
Grandy Leonard(252-225-4331)
Noyes Alfred(252-225-1045)
O'connor Ann(252-225-4051)
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