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Adams W F(252-232-3491)
Doughtie Jimmy(252-793-3737)
Simpson Eileen(252-793-9461)
Swain Trevon(252-793-3628)
Swain Dorothy(252-793-3657)
Hill Suzanne(252-793-2344)
Simpson Hubert E(252-791-0796)
Spruill Ruth(252-793-5961)
Carter Sharon(252-793-5477)
Spruill Nakin(252-793-2604)
Clagon Etta(252-793-1024)
Wobler Bill(252-793-2919)
Eubank Clarence L(252-793-2265)
Alexander Andrea(252-793-2044)
Norman Carolyn(252-793-9865)
Long Charles E(252-791-0507)
Blount Charles W III(252-793-5705)
Priest Bridget(252-793-5330)
Medlin Jimmie L Jr(252-793-9042)
Oliver Mary A(252-793-4873)
Oliver Billy(252-793-3833)
Peele Harry B(252-793-2311)
Phelps W R SR(252-793-9561)
Phelps Nathan D(252-793-4647)
Ward Francis G(252-793-5393)
Jones Lloyd W Jr(252-793-3832)
Roper Baptist Church(252-793-5439)
Price Ray(252-793-3626)
Midgette Sara L(252-793-2349)
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