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Batchelor Frank(919-562-1056)
Howell William D(919-936-4311)
Talton Glenwood(919-936-3056)
Tart Manley E(919-936-6131)
Creech H N(919-936-1491)
Best James(919-936-4401)
Best Ruth(919-936-4401)
Barrus Construction(919-936-2400)
Cook Debra G(919-936-3124)
Cook Gary(919-936-3124)
Dixon D R(919-936-2494)
Martin Patricia(919-936-4591)
McIntosh George M(919-936-2768)
McIntosh Ruby M(919-936-2768)
Barnes Jason(919-936-3386)
Barnes Pamela(919-936-3386)
Talton Earl J(919-936-5616)
Capps Ethel(919-936-2569)
Stanley Dusty(919-936-3097)
Toler Billy R(919-936-8901)
Carter Brian(919-936-3324)
Talton Billy M(919-936-2450)
Kearney Noah(919-936-0440)
Radford Tommy(919-936-2339)
Batten Betty(919-936-2176)
Dixon James A(919-936-2981)
McClelland Keri(919-936-0262)
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