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Andrews Mack(252-795-4049)
Roanoke Electric Cooperative(252-539-2236)
Jones Marie(252-539-2578)
Hollowell Timothy R(252-539-2181)
Parisher Gregory(252-539-2495)
Bryant Hazel F(252-539-2645)
Strickland C W(252-539-2565)
Smith Troy(252-239-2635)
Troy's Forklift Service(252-539-2635)
Troy's Mini Storage(252-539-2635)
Lawrence C C(252-539-2792)
Branch Dennis(252-539-9979)
Strickland Charles W(252-539-2078)
Church of God in Christ Jesus(252-539-3904)
Coleman A(252-539-2270)
Grant Brian(252-539-6540)
Jacobs James L(252-539-1009)
Jacobs Patrick(252-539-2859)
Jilcott Richard Jr(252-344-2015)
Deloatch Gilbert L(252-344-2631)
Shearin Delphine(252-539-2450)
Outland Gertrude H(252-539-2555)
Fleetwood Wendell(252-539-2388)
Ophelia Mary(252-539-2698)
Pope Doris(252-539-2955)
Pope C R(252-539-2917)
Drew Charles R SR(252-539-2830)
Pope Jonas III(252-539-2182)
Curry John Jr(252-539-2261)
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