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J F Roofing and Remodeling(704-463-5322)
Turner Robert W(704-826-8573)
Tyson Charles(704-272-7691)
Williams Earl(704-826-8902)
Williams James T(704-826-8241)
Williams M C(704-826-8830)
Wright Ada T(704-826-8901)
Wright Frank(704-272-8426)
Wyatt David(704-826-8142)
Wyatt Dee M(704-826-8716)
Yandle John T(704-272-8357)
Edwards Tommy S(704-826-6336)
Hinson Pamela(704-826-6106)
Williams Steve(704-826-8377)
Williams Vivian(704-826-8377)
Whitley Jennifer(704-826-8169)
Whitley Keith(704-826-8169)
Whitley Rose(704-826-8823)
Townsend Annie A(704-826-8242)
Russell Talisha(704-826-6280)
Thomas Kevin W(704-826-8301)
Hailey Robert(704-272-9188)
Hailey Sandra(704-272-9188)
Jackson Leroy(704-826-8787)
Hammond Steve(704-826-6104)
Staton Frances(704-826-6180)
Staton Boy(704-826-8000)
Baucom Angela(704-826-8875)
Johnson Karen(704-826-6238)
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