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Kelly Tina R(828-428-0780)
Miller Harold(828-428-3679)
Swanson Wayne E(828-465-5794)
Morano Susan C(828-465-3595)
Massman Jessica(828-695-8389)
James Mike(828-465-0489)
Simmons E G(828-465-3793)
Jarvis Lisa(828-464-6500)
Wright Tammy(828-465-4579)
Keene Sherry(828-695-9654)
Mathis Craig(828-464-0884)
Mathis Shelia(828-464-0884)
Reinhardt Mary E(828-428-0913)
Mt Olive Holiness Church(828-428-8347)
Propst Randall G(828-428-4128)
Eric's Cleaning Service(828-428-0456)
Ramseur Angel(828-428-0928)
Ramseur Eric(828-428-0928)
Propst William G(828-428-8601)
Brice William(828-428-3938)
White Roosevelt(828-428-3929)
Simpson Louise(828-428-2062)
Simpson Sammy(828-428-2073)
Ikard Mattie(828-428-9246)
Thomas Sheila(828-428-0013)
Ikard David(828-428-0609)
Linebarger Barbara(828-428-0201)
Ramseur Harold(828-428-8755)
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