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Grimm Lyle(252-431-0277)
Reavis Hoyle(252-492-4496)
Williams Danny(252-433-8588)
Williams Jane(252-433-8588)
Brown Shawn(252-492-8269)
Brooks Otha(252-492-0761)
Hall M F(252-492-7793)
Rigsbee Donald(252-438-6278)
Dudley Emily L(252-492-7408)
Davis Charles T(252-433-8485)
Hilliard Arthur(252-438-4631)
Brown Charles A(252-492-5192)
McDade Robert E(252-438-6309)
Green Pattie(252-430-1558)
Thorpe Jackie(252-436-2246)
Davis Lillian(252-430-6118)
Hagler Derrel W(252-492-6485)
Bustos Demtrio(252-430-7209)
Bustos Miriam(252-430-7209)
Moreno Maria(252-430-8376)
Moreno Rogelio(252-430-8376)
Phillips Kay(252-438-7686)
C & C Investments(252-492-7735)
Currin's Check Cashing Service(252-492-8666)
Currin's Minute Mart(252-492-1853)
Currin's Minute Mart Grocr(252-492-0119)
Currin's Real Estate(252-492-7735)
Henderson Patrice(252-492-4832)
Pernell's Steel & Machine Service(252-438-5224)
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