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Peterson Slover(252-524-4102)
Smith Robert W(252-524-4092)
Wallace Louis E(252-524-5867)
Mills Lois H(252-524-4501)
Williams William(252-524-5032)
Cogdell Ina(252-524-4587)
Thorbes Leslie(252-524-5376)
Clark Annette(252-524-3795)
Parker Rachel(252-524-4896)
Garrett Tyrone(252-524-0190)
Miller James R(252-524-3806)
Phillips Patricia(252-524-0967)
Bryant Willie C(252-524-3837)
Dixon Alicia L(252-524-4703)
Penuel Bobby G(252-524-5898)
Bright E B(252-524-5253)
Outlaw Linwood(252-524-5228)
Eubanks Raymond S Jr(252-524-4678)
Gray Ervin(252-524-4148)
Miecnikowski John(252-524-4014)
English Jerry(252-524-3791)
Jones Thomas(252-524-4320)
Hardee Charlie L(252-524-5446)
Johnson Sallie(252-524-5450)
Bowden Rita(252-524-3624)
Render Esther(252-524-0288)
Render Thomas(252-524-0288)
Avery Sally(252-524-4993)
Manning Jimmy(252-524-4252)
Rose Randy M(252-524-5983)
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