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Fortune Wade(828-245-5441)
Trantham Gary(828-248-1364)
Dale Milford(828-245-0280)
Tate Hazel(828-247-1840)
Price John(828-245-2479)
Cannon N L(828-245-2906)
Hampton Nelson Jr(828-245-8735)
Wallace David N(828-245-5838)
Jefferson Charles W(828-248-2665)
Shuler Marvin H(828-247-1320)
Scott Bernard(828-245-5186)
Hoagland Mat(828-245-0135)
Wilson Cindy(828-245-3367)
Calton J V(828-245-0638)
Fisher Hugh H(828-245-3401)
Toney Grady(828-245-5828)
Mann Fred(828-245-2944)
Murray Eunice(828-657-1846)
Lewis Julia(828-657-5044)
Self Sam(828-248-2110)
Hunt Rosa L(828-245-3908)
Chapman Ricky(828-248-9660)
Glenda's Classic Haircuts(828-248-3500)
Ramsey Mark(828-245-6369)
Ramsey J C Jr(828-245-6352)
Ramsey Frank(828-245-2984)
Myers Gordon(828-245-1552)
Queen T A(828-245-8215)
Campbell Herman(828-245-8808)
Campbell William Jr(828-245-5397)
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