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Antioch Baptist Church(910-893-5984)
Abram Maeola(910-628-4991)
Locklear Magnolia(910-628-8530)
Locklear Terry(910-628-8530)
Oxendine Rose(910-628-5293)
Hunt Ann(910-628-4051)
Hunt Frankie(910-628-4051)
Hunt Odell(910-628-8446)
Locklear Anverdale(910-628-8308)
Mitchell Richard(910-628-9356)
Freeman James E(910-628-8674)
Abram Floretta(910-628-1551)
Byrd Bryan(910-628-9554)
Atkinson's Painting & Repair Service(910-628-7313)
Total Solutions Embroidery &(910-628-7007)
Cambell Larry(910-628-9872)
Clothing & Such Warehouse(910-628-5444)
House of Joy(910-628-8188)
McNair Nelda(910-628-8063)
Raynor Kathleen(910-628-8886)
Williamson Daniel W SR(910-628-5278)
Trinity United Methodist Churc(910-628-7427)
Le Pore Robin(910-628-5624)
Lewis Jeff(910-628-7241)
Lewis Lu(910-628-7241)
Edwards Bryan(910-628-9867)
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