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Russell Gregory G(252-354-6329)
Whitley Dean(252-354-6831)
Crooks Derek(252-354-3977)
Crooks Kara(252-354-3977)
Johnston S(252-393-6523)
Andrews Clyde W(252-354-7182)
Bader Pam(252-354-8798)
Bader Robert(252-354-8798)
Cunningham Mark(252-354-8902)
Cunningham Pat(252-354-8902)
Vocalan L(252-354-6455)
Lewis R D(252-354-3719)
Abou-Donai Mohamed B(252-354-4202)
Dobler Robert(252-354-7534)
Lynch W K(252-354-2745)
Matheson Sharon(252-354-2125)
Matheson William(252-354-2125)
Rudolph Harold D(252-354-6411)
Woodall William A(252-354-9241)
Jackson Robert(252-354-8112)
Geoghan Joann(252-354-3512)
Newsome Teresa(252-354-5327)
Johnson Leonard T(252-354-4879)
Riley Thomas W(252-354-3996)
Russell Guy(252-354-2933)
Roberts Nel(252-354-7427)
Roberts Rex(252-354-7427)
Whitley Michael(252-354-7233)
Robey Wayne L(252-354-3566)
Hauser Kenneth G(252-354-5295)
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