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4-H Clubs(336-593-8179)
White Alice P(336-284-2767)
Phifer E L(336-284-2748)
Fleming Warren(336-284-2144)
Cuthbertson A(336-284-4575)
A's Fabric & Furniture(336-284-4649)
Kesler Joseph C(336-284-2178)
Spillman's Auto Parts Home Fuel Oil(336-284-2551)
Haynes Eva(336-284-4064)
Accu Trim Custom Woodworking Inc(336-284-2261)
Spillman's Auto Parts & Home Fullme & F(336-284-2551)
Spillman's Fuel Oil Service(336-284-2551)
Hendricks Jonna(336-284-4411)
Holloway John B(336-284-2577)
Moss Lee(336-284-6647)
Moss Stacey(336-284-6647)
Beck Wayne(336-284-2824)
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