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Alley Inez S(336-993-2709)
Whitaker Jeff(336-685-9696)
Whitaker Andy(336-685-4570)
Teague Sherry(336-685-0830)
Teague O(336-685-0089)
Whittington Craig(336-685-0387)
Whittington Lynn(336-685-0387)
Routh Tommy J(336-685-4142)
Carter Jeff(336-685-5596)
Coley Glenn(336-685-4128)
Coley Joye(336-685-4128)
Lineberry Jeffrey(336-685-0745)
Coble William D III(336-685-9443)
James Mitch & Heather(336-685-0712)
Franklin Dean B(336-685-5595)
Pulliam Ray L(336-685-4951)
Pozil Paul(336-685-9389)
Laughlin Robert W(336-685-9427)
Shedden John(336-685-5426)
Roth Dolores(336-685-0967)
Roth Harold(336-685-0967)
King George A(336-685-5253)
Pelkey Robert(336-685-4089)
Pelkey Tonya(336-685-0115)
Stamper Gene(336-685-5549)
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